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The secret ingredient for a better world.

Food Education 

Teachers are at the frontlines of an obesity, diabetes and environmental epidemic.

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It's an obvious but ignored fact. Food choices have the single biggest impact on our planetary and personal health. Children aged 5-9 have not yet formed their dietary habits. Teachers have the unique power to help kids and their families eat in a healthier way.


Every bite we take can either chop down or preserve our garden of life-supporting food. Food systems account for 30% of greenhouse emissions and 70% of drinking water. Production of beef accounts for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions, and eating less beef is the single biggest way we can reduce our impact on climate change.


Food systems are the main cause of plastic pollution in oceans, soil acidification, ocean deoxygenation, land desertification, fish species depletion, and deforestation. By eating a greater share of plant-based and locally grown foods, we also reduce our use of oil and gas.


Through understanding and changing our dietary habits, we have the power to become healthier individuals while creating a healthier planet!

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