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As Assistant Project Manager for Food Heroes, Latoya Abulu assists the project in improving planetary and personal health for children all over the world. She has worked in multiple countries such as Ecuador, Nicaragua, Japan, Greece, South Korea, Poland and others as an aid worker and researcher, as well as within various programs in the United Nations, such as the UNPFII and UNFCCC. Her passion for environmental issues, international relations and journalism propelled her to write as a contributor to multiple platforms such as Mongabay, Asia Times and The Diplomat, and release her own ebook 'Harmony and Balance in the World'.


Latoya is committed to bringing the topic of sustainability to the classroom to propel the next generation to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and planetary harmony.

Peggy Liu



As Chairperson of Food Heroes, Peggy Liu is one of the leading catalysts of a green China and consults companies and governments on sustainability and cross-cultural collaboration.


In 2013, Peggy launched Food Heroes, China's first comprehensive kids' healthy food curriculum, as part of JUCCCE, an environmental organization that has been at the heart of the greening of China since 2007. JUCCCE is most noted for accelerating societal-scale change in diets, sustainable cities, sustainable consumerism and smart grid with its multi-sector, cross-border convening power. Changing diets is now the main priority of JUCCCE.


Peggy has a passion for connecting personal and planetary health. Her life goal in childhood was to use technology to improve the living standards of people around the world. She believes that the most helpful skill is heart-based storytelling, that cultural translators will have the most important roles of the next generation, and that those who can create a better shared future, should.

Meredith Bosco

Project Manager

As Project Manager for Food Heroes, Meredith Bosco works to improve planetary and personal health all over the world. She has been an educator for 9 years, 5 of which were in San Francisco where she taught and earned her M. Ed in Special Education. During her undergrad, she double majored in Biology and Natural Resources at Cornell University. She once sailed for two months from Tahiti to Hawaii while studying the sustainability of indigenous cultures and vulnerable ecosystems in the Pacific. 


Meredith is committed to sustainability, improving food systems and raising individual life standards.

She believes that the most effective way to achieve this goal is through education of our youth.

Her approach is inspired by her passion for yoga and many years of yoga training in the Bay Area.


From this experience Meredith insists on incorporating mindfulness and restorative practices in her work to support the building of healthy communities. In this way, she believes we may better equip the future leaders of our world with the skills and knowledge they need to better themselves and the planet.

Latoya Abulu

Assistant Project Manager


Thank you to all of the following people for your invaluable help in making Food Heroes a reality! 

Key contributors: Peggy Liu (Chairperson, JUCCCE), David Agus MD (Professor of Medicine and Engineering at the University of Southern California, author of “The End of Illness”), Walter Willett MD DrPH (Chair, Department of Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health), Barry Popkin PhD (W. R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor of Nutrition, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Public Health), Gunhild A Stordalen MD PhD (Director, EAT Initiative/EAT Stockholm Food Forum), Brett Rierson (Head, World Food Programme, China), Laura Jana MD FAAP (Director of Innovation, University of Nebraska College of Public Health), Kirk Bergstrom (President, WorldLink), Alan Dangour (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine), Prof. Sir Andy Haines (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine), Dr. Rosemary Green (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine), Lili Jia (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine), Prof. Hugh Montgomery (Director, UCL Inst for Human Health and Performance), John Elkington (Executive Chairman, Volans Ventures, Honorary Chairman of SustainAbility), Dr. Linda Friedland (Nutritionist, Australia), Fiona Gately (Nourish Communication), Dr. Tara Garnett (FCRN, Oxford University), Roy Ballam (Education Programme Manager, British Nutrition Foundation), Neil Lovell (CEO, Jamie Oliver Food Foundation), Juliane Caillouette Noble (School Programmes Manager, Jamie Oliver Food Foundation), Louise Holland (Deputy to Jamie Oliver, The Jamie Oliver Group), Anthony Lilley (Magic Lantern), Colin Bullen (Health at Work), Myles Bremner (School Food Plan), Katy Cooper (C3 Collaboration for Health), Christine Hancock (C3 Collaboration for Health), Tim Wang (CEO, Ecolab China), Magic Breakfast (UK), The End of the Line, Anne Heughan (Unilever), Gae Redoblado (Unilever), Claire Hughes (Nutritionist, Marks & Spencer), Rasmus Taun (Photography), Kimberly Wong (Director of Sproutworks), Kimberly Ashton (Chief Officer, Sprout Lifestyle), Andrew Wong (Beach Creative), Lucy Guyard (Designer), Kevin Ong (Designer), Kyle Mertensmeyer (Creative), Paul Iglesia (Creative), Malcolm Casselle, Mercedes Revy (Head, China Nutrition and Food Safety, World Health Organization, China), Lu Mai 卢迈 (Secretary General, China Development Research Foundation), Qian Zhang 张倩 (China Center for Disease Control), Antony Froggatt (Senior Research Fellow, Chatham House), Rob Bailey (Research Director, Chatham House), Prof. Yuexin Yang (President, China Nutrition Society) Prof. Liu Xin 刘新 (Tsinghua University), Prof. Yuan Bo 原博 (Tsinghua University), Stefano Bosello (Head, Chartwells Catering, China), Dana Jiang (Nutritionist, Chartwells Catering, China), Viktor Serafimov (Chartwells Catering, China), YB. Song (Founder, Dashu Wujie), Daisy Zhang (Element Fresh), Sandra Brown (Shanghai pilot school YK Pao), Graeme Kennedy (Director of Communications, Wellington College International Shanghai), Nicola Street (Teacher, Wellington College International Shanghai), Michelle Kolossy (Teacher, Wellington College International Shanghai), Alexandra Blake (Teacher, Wellington College International Shanghai), Cristina Ng (Teacher, Liaoyuan Elementary School), Malcolm Shu (Managing Partner, Sproutworks), QXKids 创想号 (Children’s educational magazine), EAT Forum, Christian Orlandi and Matt Eddy (Sportsworld), M&Y Group - Early Education, Ariel Qi (Hope 'n Rising), Yukai Chou and team (Octalysis), Augmentum - Web Development Team, Danone, Supernanny TV, Scott Goodfellow (Pure SH PR and Communications), Lai Mei Yeung (Bella Napoli).

Recipe contributors: Dashu Wujie restaurant, Element Fresh, Sprout Lifestyles (Kimberly Ashton), Farmhouse Juice (Uriel Copelev and Ena), Madison restaurant (Austin Hu), Awakening restaurant, Sproutworks.


Project Directors: Katherine Boe, Lucy Luo, Charlie Mathews, Stephanie Marmier

Researchers: Nicole Adler, Michelle Chan, Henry Chen, Jennie Chen, Olivia Chen, Wee Leng Cheong, Derek Dai, George Day-Reiss, Laurelin Haas, Finola Hackett, Nathan Hayes, Noel He, Michael Homer, Amy Hua, Sophia Hua, Vivian Huang, Michelle Jia, Jiao Chun Ting 焦骏婷, Margaret Lane, Diana Lee, Li Kai Yue 李恺悦, Li Zhuojun 李卓君, Lu Shanshan 陆珊珊, Luxi Liu, Paul Liu, Rachel Mok, Calli Obern, Taylor Patrash, Kate Price, Rodrigo Saavedra, Claire Sun, Rebecca Tanda, Jean Walsh, Yale Wang, Alex Wong, Stephanie Wong, Sylvia Wong, Ju Yu, Xiao Yuan 肖媛, Alex Zheng, Mason McCormack, Cory McCormack, Sarah Merkt.

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