Learning Outcomes

Food Heroes can be seamlessly integrated into school programs,  immediately increasing student engagement and learning.

Build Our Powers

Students will be able to: 

  • Eat with love for ourselves.

  • Say why it is better to eat many colors of real foods every day. 

  • Be able to record a food journal. 

  • Identify 3 rules for how to tell real food from fake food. 

  • Be able to name 2 dishes in each of the 4 Menu Map categories.

  • Name 1 food that is good for each of the following body parts: brain, stomach, heart, eyes and skin. 

  • Identify 2 fruits or vegetables that grow in each season and locally. 

  • Name at least 1 source of protein and 1 source of calcium from a vegetable. 

  • Name 1 food that you can eat if your poo is too dry or too wet.

  • Identify 1 fruit or vegetable that grows underground, on the stalk, on a tree, and on the ground, in a lake or in a factory. 

  • Name 3 body parts that are involved in digestion. 

Strengthen Our Team

Students will be able to: 

  • Eat with love for each other

  • Identify 2 negative effects of sugar.

  • Name 3 different ways to exercise (or teach kids one way to exercise your body). 

  • Take a Sugar Pledge with their family. 

  • Name 1 healthy alternative to sugary drinks. 

  • Say why we wash food before we eat it. 

  • Identify 2 types of sugary drinks. 

  • Identify 2 healthy foods, 2 drinks and 2 eating habits that make up a wholesome breakfast.

  • Demonstrate how to wash your hands the proper way every time before you eat. 

  • Name 2 types of distractions and misbehaviors during mealtimes. 

  • Initiate a conversation at the dining table with 2 questions.

  • Lead a table in saying a grateful contemplation before a meal together. 

Save Our World

Students will be able to: 

  • Eat with love for our planet

  • Name 2 ways they can reduce food waste. 

  • Be able to describe what it feels like to be 80% full. Know how to eat until no longer hungry, instead of eating until full. 

  • Name 2 foods people eat that are harmful to nature. 

  • Name 3 things that can be recycled. 

  • Name 2 bad things that happen to nature when we litter. 

  • Name 2 foreign countries and 2 dishes that come from these countries. 

  • Give 2 examples of animals that eat other animals to create a food chain.

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