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The Food Heroes curriculum is game-based, tested on children, and teacher-approved. Over 1 million children have played Food Heroes games, displaying immediate changes in their eating habits. The program is available in both English and Mandarin Chinese.


The game curriculum is suitable for 5-9 year olds. This crucial time is before dietary habits are set, when children are modelling adult caregivers. They are just old enough to comprehend and articulate health and sustainability concepts.

Food Heroes not only teaches health competencies, but also academic competencies, including STEM, languages, arts, and social studies. The curriculum also covers Common Core & Health standards, all of which are listed within the corresponding lesson plans.

Multiple competencies

About the Curriculum

Who benefits?

Whole communities!

Food Heroes appeals to everyone because everyone is fascinated by food. Everyone has their food struggles.


Through exploring our current relationship with food, we can heal ourselves, connect with the people around us, and rekindle our bond with the nature that sustains us.


In short, Food Heroes teaches children how to be better people through self-love, sharing love, and taking care of our world.

Why teach Food Heroes?

Mission Video

This program is looking at a critical age group. Gamification of content is beyond what others have done and quite unique. No one else is linking food choices to sustainability at the elementary level.

Walter Willet MD PhD, Chair, Department of Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Co-commissioner of the EAT Lancet Commission

Drawing from global expertise

When teachers use the Food Heroes proprietary learning system in their classroom, they are drawing from leading international experts across multiple domains—from nutrition, medicine, agriculture, cooking, food production, sustainability, gamification, storytelling, conscious development, to education.


We use food education not only to create healthier eating habits and healthier bodies, but to also help protect nature by lessening the impact of our diets on the planet.


Food Heroes is the first curriculum to be compliant with the EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy and Sustainable Diets and the first to showcase Drawdown’s set of solutions for reducing climate change. Food production makes up 30% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing food waste and eating a plant-forward diet are the most significant ways an individual can contribute to lightening the impact humans have on our ecosystem.


Food Heroes is also partners with the One Planet Network's Sustainable Lifestyles and Education programme (SLE). Through the SLE programme, our organization collaborates with businesses, institutions and governments across the world to foster the uptake of sustainable lifestyles as the common norm. The programme develops tools and projects that can be scaled up to address global challenges such as resource efficiency, biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, poverty eradication and social well-being.


The gamification mechanisms that scaffold the entire curriculum was designed by Octalysis Group, led by the world's leading gamification guru, Yu-kai Chou.

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Food Heroes differentiates your school's offerings to parents. Food Heroes is the first food education program to merge personal and planetary health in one curriculum and be compliant with EAT-Lancet guidelines on healthy and sustainable diets. 


Food Heroes has positive effects that extend beyond the classroom. The program provides solutions to children who have fussy eating habits and empowers parents to change long-standing family norms around eating, strengthening family relationships and reducing parental stress.


Weekly Food Journals serve as an engaging accountability tool to help develop stronger relationships between students, parents, and teachers.


It’s engaging, hands-on, and game-based! Learning with the 5 Food Heroes is fun for children because they get to tackle daily challenges and defeat villains through a storyline.


The curriculum also includes kid-friendly illustrated worksheets and colourful homework that are fun for children to work on! Food Heroes teaches children (and their families) how every bite we eat affects the world we live in as well as our physical, emotional, psychological, and mental health. 


Our curriculum enables teachers to be at the forefront of recruiting students to improve personal, societal, and planetary health with every bite they take. The simple lesson plans and instructions allow teachers to teach the curriculum and use our tips for playing our games.


Our multi-dimensional curriculum uses food to teach multiple core competencies, including emotional and social development as well as family engagement. 

Our Mission

Food Heroes is a leading food education curriculum for kids aged 5-9. Using play-based education, it is designed to catalyze global change by changing the way the next generation eats in a way that is both good for people and good for the planet.
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