Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I sign up?

    • Please use our request button on our homepage to get in touch about signing up for the Food Heroes program. Please add a note if you have specific questions. You may also contact us at for other inquiries.


  • What are the benefits for my classroom and my school?

    • Food Heroes reinforces core competencies directly in line with the USA's Common Core Standards and promotes cooperation and teamwork through creative, engaging, and universally designed lesson plans about food, health and the environment. Food Heroes teaches students to make healthy choices in their life with regards to food and exercise which ultimately impact their performance in all areas of school by increasing their focus, happiness, attendance, and autonomy. 

  • How do I talk to my principal and/or curriculum developer about Food Heroes?

    • We believe that teachers of children aged 5-9, who have not yet set their dietary habits, have the unique power to help kids and their families eat in a healthier way. Food Heroes not only educates children about the environment and healthy eating but also is aligned with common core competencies to make it easier for you to directly integrate into your curriculum or as an extra-curricular. The curriculum includes ongoing support through teacher training, comprehensive lesson plans, and uniquely designed materials that will engage children. Our Teacher's Toolkit has everything you need to simply, easily, and effectively start teaching Food Heroes in the classroom today.


  • What is the cost of Food Heroes?

    • We use an annual license model to distribute the Food Heroes curriculum and classroom materials. We aim to work with schools for a whole year to see the maximum benefit of Food Heroes. The annual licensing fee also includes customer support and teacher training. If you or your school don't have the budget, we have financing options and sponsorships available to help.

  • How do I talk to parents about Food Heroes?

    • Parents love Food Heroes because it effortlessly engages children in healthy and diverse eating. We've designed the Food Heroes program to inspire an interest in food, cooking, and sharing a delicious and nutritious meal with family. Food Heroes helps children become excited about eating fruit, vegetables and all of the plant-based food that provides the optimal range of nutrients and vitamins to our bodies. Food Heroes addresses and solves picky eating problems, disinterest in meal times, inappropriate table habits, and over-eating and under-eating.


  • Can I use Food Heroes for pre-school?

    • Food Heroes is best suited for children around the ages of 5-9 but it can be adapted for older and younger children, too.

  • Why are you targeting young children?

    • To change the way our society eats, we are starting with very young children (ages 5-9) before their dietary habits are set. 4-year olds are old enough to understand the health and sustainability concepts we are teaching and are young enough to still form tastes. Through children as advocates at home, adult caregivers can be influenced as well.

  • What is JUCCCE?

    • JUCCCE stands for the Joint US-China Collaboration for Clean Energy and is the parent organization of Food Heroes. JUCCCE is an environmental organization dedicated to improving the well being of the earth. When we learned that food, not energy, is the main cause of environmental degradation, we decided to move the focus of our organization from energy to food in 2017.


  • What is the goal of Food Heroes?

    • Food Heroes aims to change people's eating behavior towards a healthier and more sustainable diet.

    • Our goal is for every country in the world to have mandatory food education.


  • Who created the curriculum?

    • The people that put the brain into the Food Heroes curriculum are leading nutritionists and doctors from around the world. The people who put the heart into Food Heroes are the best gamification experts, character designers, and storytellers from around the world.


  • What is the EAT Lancet Commission on healthy and sustainable diets?

    • EAT Lancet is the leading forum for multi-stakeholder, global action on food, planet, and health. It brings together 20 world-leading scientists from across the globe to reach a scientific consensus about what constitutes a healthy and sustainable diet. 

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