How to Play

Use the Food Heroes tools anytime. Play with the cards and dinnertime activities during meal time or outside of meals. Play the game boards anytime use the Menu Map as a stand a lone game or try to place fruits and vegetables from the power card deck on the Rainbow Table board during meals.

Sing songs with your children to remind them to eat colorful foods, make pledges each week with the Food Heroes pledge cards. Write or record on the Food Journal to keep track of how many colors of the Rainbow you and your family are eating! Be creative! Mix up the tools in this kit and create your own fun and games for the whole family!

Character Introduction

There are 5 Food Heroes part of the Food Heroes Curriculum Ava, Terra, Clay, Kai, and Jade. Each of the characters has been designed to be relatable for different types of children. They embark on a journey together with their camp counselor Sage in order to save the world! Join them!








Game Boards (2 Boards) 

The kit includes three game boards for use with the flashcard decks for fun anytime throughout the day or at meals!

Growing Map

The kit includes three game boards for use with the flashcard decks for fun anytime throughout the day or at meals!

Flash Cards (3 Decks)

Menu Map

How do the many dishes we eat impact our bodies and the planet? Steer your way through the four islands of the Menu Map. Watch out for dangerous traps to your body and to the planet. Don't let those Warning and Runaway foods touch your plate! Find your way to happiness by filling your plate with foods from the Superboost and Sidekick islands. Use your menu cards to sort on the Menu Map between the Islands! In the beginning use the Menu Map Legend and Answer Key to assist you but later use a watch to time yourself to see how fast you can sort the deck or keep a tally to find out which player sorts the most cards correctly! (Mini Picture of Menu Map)

The kit includes two types of flashcards for multiple purposes. The cards each come with an additional Card Game reference card. 

Power Cards

Menu Cards

Fake Food Cards

The Power Cards can be used on their own as flashcards to learn colorful fruits and vegetables or they can be played with the Growing Map to find out where our colorful fruits and vegetables grow! Try getting two jars and putting the cards you've tried in your own into one jar. Try to taste them all!

The Menu Cards may also be used as flashcards to learn different types of foods or play them with the Menu Map! Learn which islands each of these foods belongs in. Don't be fooled by their looks, think carefully about the ingredients in each dish before you make your decision!

The Fake Food Cards may be used as flashcards to identify foods that are harmful for the body and planet or to play on the Menu Map! Observe which kinds of islands these foods belong in. Don't be fooled by their tasty looks, think carefully about their actual ingredients and production process before you make your decision!

Food Journals

The kit includes 3 different types of Food Journals to suit your children’ needs. Make it a habit to fill out the food journal with all the colors of the rainbow each day based on your child’s diet. Take it up a notch by challenging yourself to do two types of exercise each day and drinking at least 6 cups of water!

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Food Heroes is a leading food education curriculum for kids aged 5-9. Using play-based education, it is designed to catalyze global change by changing the way the next generation eats in a way that is both good for people and good for the planet.
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