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Challenge 11

Taste the World

Subjects tackled through activities includes art, social sciences and language proficiency.

The "Taste the World" challenge consists of two lesson plans, six posters, two worksheets, one homework sheet, and one "Why This Matters" information sheet.

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Let kids discover the wide and diverse range of healthy foods grown and prepared around our planet with the "Taste the World" challenge. Children will learn about dishes from different cultures, understand that people from different cultures in different parts of the world eat different food, remember names of continents and geographic regions, become familiar with maps and know where certain dishes and types of eating utensils come from.

Common Core Standards

English Language Arts Standards » Reading: Informational Text » Kindergarten > 9

English Language Arts Standards » Speaking & Listening » Kindergarten > 1

English Language Arts Standards » Speaking & Listening » Kindergarten > 6

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