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Challenge 14

Living in a Landfill

Subjects tackled through activities includes art, science, social sciences, physical education and teamwork.

The "Living in a landfill" challenge consists of two lesson plans, four posters, 2 homework sheets and one "Why This Matters" information sheet.


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Common Core Standards

Let kids become action planners preventing the accumulation of trash with the "Living in a Landfill" challenge. Children will learn about the issue of trash in the ocean and its impact on wildlife, know which common items go in trash, recycling, compost, and hazardous, conceptualize how much trash individuals and groups can produce in just one day, introduce the concept of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and understand ways in which they can reuse common items and reduce their waste.

Common Core, Next Generation Science and AERO Standards

Kindergarten » Measurement & Data > A.2

Kindergarten » Operations & Algebraic Thinking > A.1

Kindergarten » Counting & Cardinality > C.6

Kindergarten » Counting & Cardinality > A.1

English Language Arts Standards » Speaking & Listening » Kindergarten > 1

English Language Arts Standards » Language » Kindergarten > 6

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