Behavior Support Booster Pack

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Conversation Starter Cards + Dinnertime Activity Cards

The kit includes three game boards for use with the flashcard decks for fun anytime throughout the day or at meals!

Food Heroes Coloring Pages

Use the Food Heroes coloring pages as a way to incentivize your children to eat healthier by establishing a stronger connect between them and the Food Hero role models.

Food Heroes Incentive Chart

Use this monthly incentives chart in your kitchen to help curb your child's behavior towards more healthy and sustainable habits! Choose your own challenges that suit your family or pick from our suggestions! Place stickers as a reward for each day you complete the challenge. Try this for your child or for the whole family! Don't forget to celebrate when you meet weekly or monthly goals on your journey to becoming a Food Hero! (try making fruit salad together, hugging each other, going a family excursion to the park, or sharing a healthy sweet treat)

Pledge Cards

Use the Food Heroes pledge cards to create intentions and goals with your child each week. Choose a character fill out the line "I pledge to________" with healthy goals like eat zero sugar or Eat a Rainbow Every Day then stick it in the dining room as a friendly reminder!


Use the stickers as rewards for filling out the Food Journal, winning one of the food games, or eating a healthy meal.

Rainbow Placemat

Decorate your table with the Rainbow Placemat! Try to remind your family to eat a variety of natural fruits and vegetables with this visual placemat. Feel free to use an erasable market to draw in the colorful foods you eat each meal!

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