Teacher's Kit

 A comprehensive kit to begin implementing Food Heroes now! 

"I have never seen an easier curriculum to master in my years of teaching. The activities are not only engaging for students, but are engaging for me as the teacher." 

Sarah Merkt, Nuovo School



Each teacher receives a box that contains lesson plans, reproducibles, and game materials needed for 37 classes for up to 30 children in a class.



Following each lesson plan, teachers are provided with additional explanations of nutrition and sustainability concepts to further explain why each lesson is critically important for improving personal and planetary health.



Each class starts with a narrative that introduces the lesson by setting up the Food Heroes journey to develop their superpowers and help save the world together. Along the way, they are faced with challenges that they learn to overcome as a team!



It is essential that children's education is reinforced at home, Food Heroes has specially designed engaging homework to help further support children's growth as food ambassadors outside of the classroom in the larger community. 

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Each Toolkit includes colorfully designed Menu Maps, Rainbow Tables, and Power Cards used in each class. As the students progress through the Quests and gain skills alongside the Food Heroes the game becomes more complicated!


Each 40-minute class has an easy-to-read scripted lesson plan with helpful teaching hints and prompting questions. 


Additional teaching materials, student worksheets, and homework pages are all organized by lesson in the Binder of Reproducibles. Classroom sets of Workbooks and Homework books are also available in classroom size orders.


Level Up Classes are a chance for students to demonstrate the knowledge they gained from the previous challenges. Students join together to assist the Food Heroes in hands-on assessments. These creative assignments allow teachers to collect and track data.


Each homework also contains a Parents Guide that summarizes why, whether to learn about nutrition or sustainability, the children are playing each game, enabling parents to learn along with their children.


Food Heroes is currently available in English and Chinese. Bilingual lesson plans and game materials allow schools to support english language learners, multilingual growth and cultural understanding amongst students.  

Food Heroes differs from your schools education by adding food education to the standard curriculum for in-class or in extracurricular sessions.

Food Heroes is the first food education program to merge personal and planetary health in one curriculum, and be compliant with EAT Lancet guidelines on healthy and sustainable diets.

Our Mission

Food Heroes is a leading food education curriculum for kids aged 5-9. Using play-based education, it is designed to catalyze global change by changing the way the next generation eats in a way that is both good for people and good for the planet.
An initiative by 
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Greening China Together  一起绿化中国



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