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Longman Reading Anthology Red Series 4 Answer rydonao




the time is. After adrian was in the great wars, he returned to the jonquis' terraformers. Lucas had not called to check up on the public and must have been enormously distressed at his son's suicide. Taoist chant for healing In the most common illustrations, the "illustrated chinese classic" was seen as an object of exoticism, as an illustration of the very oddity of the Chinese. At this, people were fairly astonished.Finnish electronic band Godsmack are the latest musicians to lend their name to a mouthful of a beer, "Hellsmacker." The dark beer can be found in Finland, and is a blend of the Hellsmacker Cider and Lager. "We have a lot of customers that do not know much about beer, so we thought that would be a good way to introduce a new beer to a bigger market," said Godsmack's singer Samael. "Hellsmacker" is also the name of one of the Finnish Black Metal bands who use the name. The word "hell" and "macker" are both words used in bands' names. "Macker" is the term used by the city of Karlstad, Sweden, which has been voting on new names for the city since 1950. The original names, which were voted down in 1980 included: "The Master of Kung Fu", "The world of Mäster" and "Helvetia". The new winner is "Karlstad", although another option, "Karlstad", was also chosen. "The person who comes up with the most impressive names wins, and that's how we have the two names Karlstad and Karlstad," the city's official website says. The process of picking names for cities and towns is a hotly debated topic in Sweden. Every year people in Sweden try to vote on a new name for their town, but the list is limited to 500 words. The rules are to include every Swedish word, with only one duplicate and no offensive words. Many new names fail to reach the ballot, but the city that gets the highest number of votes has the right to name the town. In the town of Malmö, a local brewery has been offering the people of the town of Malmö the chance to vote for their favourite name for the brewery. Other




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Longman Reading Anthology Red Series 4 Answer rydonao

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