Our Curriculum

Learn to play, play to learn. 

Learn to play, play to learn

The Food Heroes educational curriculum provides a captivating game structure and relatable characters that engage children in learning about nutrition and sustainability.

Every student becomes a Food Hero

In our year-long Food Heroes Curriculum, consisting of weekly classes, students accompany 5 Food Heroes on their journey through the Adventure Camp and the City, helping them find their superpowers, conquer their struggles with food, and win over many Food Villains.


There are 3 specific Quests that students must embark on: Build Our Powers, Strengthen Our Team, and Save Our World. Through these Quests, students become Food Heroes themselves, navigating the Menu Map to guide their friends and family to safety on Superboost island, and activating Rainbow Tables in dining rooms around the world, spreading the message: share food, share love.

By learning about themselves, collaborating with each other, and ultimately developing the agency to take actions for bettering our world, our Food Heroes learn to eat with love for their body and planet.

Mastering the game

The game unfolds over the course of a year. Students become players who need to master 17 challenges to achieve 3 Quests and ultimately become Food Heroes themselves. The curriculum includes 34 forty-minute classes and 3 assessment classes.


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